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Hair we all have it….Mine happens to be curly, for all 28 years (come November) of my life, and being so means I have to be super careful about who I let cut my hair. It has a lot of attitude and without experienced hands caring for it, can turn into quite a disaster. For instance, several years ago I went for a hair cut (back when I lived in Missouri), the lady straightened my hair (poorly) and cut it, leaving me with way to short and totally uneven locks (insert sad face here). So moving around the last couple years has been a little nerve-racking come time to get a hair cut. However, thanks to the yelp app, and some extra research after moving to Jacksonville, I found this little gem!

Bella Hair Salon, bringing the big city to Jacksonville. These stylists are at the top of their industry in knowledge and performance, they are constantly learning, teaching, and staying up on the latest trends! Their moto, “Look Beautiful, Feel Beautiful!” is truly the heart of their business.  hmb_1028Meet the owners Amy and Anthony! They have a true passion for what they do, and it shows, traveling to NYC often to study, teach, and attend events to further their education and that of their salon stylists.hmb_0942From the moment you walk in, you are greeted with a friendly face and such a funky and charming atmosphere! I just love it!hmb_1022hmb_0950The quality of your experience is fantastic from start to finish! I love that I get offered a beverage every time I come in and they always have something great to look at for your longer appointments! hmb_0986hmb_0970hmb_0949Your hair is in good hands here from color and cut to styling!hmb_0989hmb_0954They mix custom color with the TIGI Copyright Color! hmb_0957hmb_0972hmb_0999They use the best products and methods to guarantee the look you dreamed! hmb_0998hmb_0995They have several stylists who specialize in curly hair and the use of the Deva Curl products! Trust me, if you’re a curly girl, your hair will love it!hmb_0992hmb_0996I got to see only a few of the many stylists in action but you can meet them all here!hmb_0943They carry amazing hair products for both men and women! So if you love something they put on your hair, you don’t have to go searching for it somewhere else, you can just add it to your purchase that day! hmb_1014hmb_0964hmb_1023They also carry TIGI makeup products! hmb_0967hmb_0940If you’re looking to get your hair cut or colored you should stop in and let them work their magic! I always leave with beautiful happy hair see for yourself here!

This year Bella Salon will celebrate 10 years of business. I am so honored to have captured these stylists in action, doing what they love with such skill!

If you haven’t yet you should connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest


4 thoughts on “Bella Hair Salon | Shop Local | Eastern North Carolina

  1. Absolutely LOVE this salon and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to train under Amy and then to advance as a stylist here. It’s hard to find a salon that truly has it all: structure, education, drive, unity and most importantly Amy and Anthony who not only take care of their staff as their own family but truly mentor and inspire their staff in a way I have yet to have matched. The books don’t lie and the clients keep coming back for a huge reason. You two are going to take the East coast by storm and I truly believe that.


  2. Gorgeous photos! Love all the color in that salon!


  3. Great photos shots you captured! Love ’em all!! Thank you!


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