Mason Kids | Milestone Session | Jacksonville NC Photographer

These cuties kept me on my toes during their session and I love all the personality they allowed me to capture! hmb_1663Archer has such a joy about him! He let his ornery 3 1/2 year old side show just a little and isn’t that expression just the cutest! hmb_1668Leah is always on the move, and so curious about the world. She slowed down for just a few moments and just look at that precious face!  hmb_1739Emily is such a beauty as well! Just look at her….hmb_1811I got to capture their playful side, and they were cracking me up with their silly faces!hmb_1701This girl right here is so smart! She was singing to me and talking up a storm and for only 1 1/2, I was amazed! Plus when she sang she finally cracked a smile for me! hmb_1709Patience and love are two important things that a father can give his child. You could tell that Lazarus is such a kind and loving dad, just seeing him interact with the kids! hmb_1816hmb_1664-2I am always in awe of how loving siblings are to one another, it just melts my heart! hmb_1637hmb_1643hmb_1736These kids have such an awesome mom, and you could tell just how much she loved them during the session! I am sure being a mom of three keeps you on your toes and Andrea handles it with poise.hmb_1866hmb_1808This kids loves his momma, look at that sweet hug! HMB_1897-2.jpghmb_1894Emily is such a great big sister, and she is such a sweet hearted girl! hmb_1905hmb_1888I’m sure life with three kids is never a dull moment but Andrea and Lazarus made it look pretty effortless. hmb_1915I was totally with Leah at the end of the session, the humid weather and keeping up with these kids took it out of me! However, I am so honored the Mason Family let me capture this stage of their life!

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