Ramsey Family | Celebrate Mom Mini | North Topsail Beach

“God loves us uniquely rather than equally. Believe me, unique is better. If you have more than one child, you probably already understand this. When that second, third, or later child was born, your love was not divided. It was multiplied in ways that were immeasurable. You couldn’t quantify your love for each child even if you tried. How can you measure the pull on your heart? Your love for each child is unique. Each one awakens your parental love in a different manner.” -Lisa Bevere, Without Rival
I have been reading that book and when I was getting ready to post these images that text came to mind. Being loved uniquely is something that strikes a strong cord in my heart that resounds to my very core. It is something I believe with all my heart, that each person is unique and that those things that make us so are to be cherished! It’s something I strive for during your session, to capture those images that embody your life and the love you and your kids share!!
I had the honor of working with BobbiJo, her beautiful kiddos, and their Noni the other day! I love that all family dynamics are different. Kids love their parents but they also love their grandparents, not equally, not more, not less, but uniquely. That unique bond and love you share is so special, and I am so honored you let me in to capture those bonds in these images!! aPear Photography, lifestyle family photography, family and kid photography, Eastern North Carolina photographer, Jacksonville NC Photographer, Jacksonville kids photography, Jacksonville family photography Continue reading