Burgess Family | Holiday Mini Session | Beirut Memorial | Jacksonville NC Family Photography

My favorite season for family session has to be the fall time! I love all the colors of fall and the weather. I had a full holiday mini session season and I am beyond thankful for all the wonderful clients I got to serve and build relationship with. The Burgess Family was the first family I got to capturing and connect with during this season! hmb_3892Dani and Shawn have a beautiful family, and seeing them interact together I would have never known they were a blended family. Seriously these kiddos get along and love each other so much! I believe that shows what amazing parents Dani and Shawn are! hmb_3881
Laughter and smiles were all around during this session! Some serious heart melting was happening that day, and I was almost a puddle by the end. Plus baby Abel was such a trooper, he even took a nap and allowed me to get some great images of him sleeping! hmb_3800  Dani and Shawn have so much love for each other! It’s something I think is so important once you have babies, making sure the love still lives strong between you and your spouse. It brings a big smile to my face when I ask couples to “love” on each other, and their image turn out this sweet!
hmb_3849 hmb_3822The bond parents make with their kids are some of my absolute favorite memories to capture! Moments filled with love and fun frozen in time to cherish forever!
hmb_3751 hmb_3723
Don’t get me started on how great these kiddos were to work with! They were great to talk with and let me capture their best smiles! I love how much simply asking a few questions can help open up a world of expressions.hmb_3587hmb_3601hmb_3640hmb_3675These kids serious have some amazing smiles! hmb_3932hmb_3902
All the love that just flows out of this family was such an honor to capture! They were such a fun family to work with and I love how quickly they let me into their world!
I am so blessed to get to work with such wonderful families! Wanna see your family images on the blog contact me for a session!
I would love to capture real life moments for your family. If you are interested in getting on this years session schedule I’d love to hear from you.
Thanks for stopping in and viewing my work!

Everything I Dreamed and More


I’m sure you’ve all looked at the date several times today, so it may seem redundant when I say it’s January 17th!  What’s so special about the 17th of January, you ask, it’s our Wedding Anniversary!!!  Our second anniversary to be exact; and as I think about all that happened in life to bring us to this place, I am so very thankful that it didn’t work out how I had planned back in 2007, when I made my 5 year plan for what being out of high school would look like on one of my class projects for senior year.

So I’m sure you’re wondering what my 5 year plan as an almost high school graduate looked like, so here it goes (well at least what I can remember).

  1. I would attend UCM (University of Central Missouri) in Warrensburg and major in Photography with a Journalism minor.
  2. I would be engaged junior year to Matt. (Who was at the time my boyfriend of almost 2 years then, and who is my wonderful husband today)
  3.  I would graduate college in 2011
  4.  Matt and I would get married sometime in 2011
  5.  I would work to becoming a Photographer Full time

That’s all I can remember, but it’s possible that #5 wasn’t there yet, but I knew that was the work goal!  I don’t even want to know what my life would look like if all those things came to pass as I had planned them back then.  I guarantee that I wouldn’t be as happy as I am now.

I am happy to say that I did attend UCM and got my Degree in Photography, graduating in 2011, as planned!  Oh and becoming a Photographer Full Time happened to, but not as soon as I had envisioned.  However my relationship plans didn’t go at all like I imagined…

During my first year of college (spring break to be exact) my boyfriend broke up with me.  I was heartbroken and, as most love struck girls do I image, thought that I would never love anyone else.  It was definitely for the best then, cause I was not ready for all the plans I had made.  I got to enjoy college without missing my boyfriend and could focus on more important things like classes and making new friends, you know all those college life things.

But back to being heartbroken, it took me a long time to put myself out there again to the idea of dating someone who could hurt me again.  It was much-needed though cause when I did start going out with people, I learned very quickly what I was looking for in a potential husband (cause I meant business, love wasn’t just for wasting time with people who had no potential to be “the one”).  I wanted someone who could make me laugh, who liked to listen to me talk and cared about what I was saying, who enjoyed my strange sense of humor and laughed along with me (even if it was only cause he was laughing at the fact that I am not very funny at all).  I could list more but you get the point, there were certain things that were important to me in someone I wanted to share life with.

Now fast forward to 2011, I was getting ready to graduate and that long-lost boyfriend (Matt) contacted me through Facebook.  He asked if I was excited to graduate and what my plans were, then said he’d be in town shortly after I graduated (he was living in Cali cause he was now a Marine) and wanted to know if I’d have lunch with him.  I said sure… and let me tell you, I was a huge skeptic to why he wanted to “reconnect” with me after breaking up with me 3 years ago. We had an enjoyable lunch, which lead to texts and talks over the next 6 months to see if this might be something for real or if it was just nothing.

We ended up starting what I call round 2 of dating in October of 2011, right before his first deployment.  So long distance got even longer and more challenging, but it was so worth it.  In 2012 I was ready to be married, and I started secretly planning my dream wedding.  I won’t even lie to you, I bought a dress around then too, the dress I wore on my wedding day.  I know you think I’m crazy, but as crazy as it sounds, I’m so glad I did, cause my Grandma Linda got to see me in my wedding dress, even though she didn’t get to see me in it on my wedding day ( she passed away in 2013).

He finally proposed to me in October of 2014 and we were married on January 17, 2015!!!  See it was a good thing I already had it all planned out!  We got to go on a beautiful honeymoon cruise to Nausea, St. Martin, and St. Thomas!

In March of 2015 I moved to Missouri so we could live together, yes we did live apart for a month and a half after being married. California was the first time I had lived outside of Missouri. I was so happy to be with my husband but it was a lot of life change, and I struggle with change… but I was with my hubby and we were enjoying the married life and learning how to live together. If you’re not married, living together isn’t as easy as it sounds. It is kinda hard cause you are molding two separate lives into one…and after 26 years of doing things the way you like them, adjusting to someone else is challenging, but so worth it!

In the 2 years we’ve been married we’ve done a lot together. Two cross the long road trips: Missouri to California, and California to North Carolina. You really learn a lot about each other and what gets to you on a long road trip. We’ve explored California while we lived there with a trip to San Francisco, and the East coast a little in 2016 with a trip to Boston and some adventures in North Carolina (where we live now).

If you would have told me in 2011, this would be my life with all these wonderful adventure with the man I love and our dog. I would have been amazed, cause I never imaged a life so full of what I didn’t know I wanted. Back then I would have been content to live in Missouri, be married to the one I love, and be a photographer, but God knew there was so much more He had in store for my life! I am so thankful that I don’t always get what I want in life, because what I didn’t know I wanted has been so much better than I could have imagined!

If you stuck through this to the end thank you so much! I know I have a lot of words, but I hope maybe they have been helpful.

If things are going as planned, don’t worry, cause trust me one day you’ll look back and life will be more than you imagined!


Boutique Packaging

At the beginning of the year I read the book Worth Every Penny, and if you are a business owner this is a great read! It brought some great things to light for me and one of those was Packaging. So I started the search for the perfect packaging for my business. It had to be fun, eco-friendly, and cute. After much searching I came across Rice Studio Supply and fell in love!  They are based in Oregon, eco-friendly and have these beautiful 100% Recycled 2 Piece boxes, with imprint, that are handmade. Plus tissue and paper ribbon to match my branding…..what more could a girl ask for!?!


Jacksonville NC Photographer, Jacksonville kids photography, Jacksonville family photographyCheck out the beautiful tissue and ribbon!!!Jacksonville NC Photographer, Jacksonville kids photography, Jacksonville family photographyMatching Image Folder with torn edge, shown with Gift Set 3!Jacksonville NC Photographer, Jacksonville kids photography, Jacksonville family photographyI love getting my prints from Bay Photo, they are a great professional print lab and their customer service is wonderful too!

I know you can’t wait to book a session and get some awesome prints wrapped with style! Go ahead, Contact me! I’d love to get you on the calendar!

Thanks for reading!

Jacksonville NC Photographer, Jacksonville kids photography, Jacksonville family photography


Pinterest & Cooking

I have always enjoyed to bake and cook since I was young. However since being married, I really love cooking and testing out new recipes! I have several cookbooks and have bookmarked my favorite recipes so far: mini meatloaves, stuffed peppers, baked chicken with brussels sprouts and carrots, and cheesy chicken rices bake. I have also found that Pinterest is an oasis of recipes, whatever your heart might desire, or in my case yesterday a place to search for recipes that contain items I currently had on-hand. My search of potatoes and hamburger turned up a whole bunch of yummy looking food, but this Poor Man’s stew just caught my eye, probably because it feels like fall out now!Jacksonville NC Photographer, Jacksonville kids photography, Jacksonville family photographyIt also was a plus that it contained items I had on-hand, except the tomato paste. I substituted a can of petite diced tomatoes that I blended up to be a little more paste-like and added a little less water than the recipe called for. It turned out delicious and I got the husband seal of approval to make it again! I have so many more Pinterest recipes that I need to make off my food board,  but last week I made the zucchini pizza bites (I pinned on my gluten free board) and they are yummy too!

I’d love to hear what your favorite recipes are, or something new you’ve tried that should be shared, so leave a comment below!

Dickson Family | Jacksonville Family Photography| Beirut Memorial

A few weekends ago I had the honor of taking the Dickson’s family pictures, and they were so much fun! Katya, Alex and Cael are such a fun family and just look at them, these lovely people are naturals in front of the camera! Jacksonville NC Photographer, Jacksonville kids photography, Jacksonville family photographyJacksonville NC Photographer, Jacksonville kids photography, Jacksonville family photographyCael has the sweetest personality, and so many adorable expressions that he allowed me to capture! Jacksonville NC Photographer, Jacksonville kids photography, Jacksonville family photographyJacksonville NC Photographer, Jacksonville kids photography, Jacksonville family photographyThe joy, love and fun that fill this family is contagious, it just warms my heart! Jacksonville NC Photographer, Jacksonville kids photography, Jacksonville family photographyCael just turned on the charm with that precious smile! Seriously, I can’t take it…too cute!Jacksonville NC Photographer, Jacksonville kids photography, Jacksonville family photographyJacksonville NC Photographer, Jacksonville kids photography, Jacksonville family photographyThis little guy sure loves his momma, and gave her the biggest/sweetest hugs I’ve ever seen! hmb_2187Jacksonville NC Photographer, Jacksonville kids photography, Jacksonville family photographyJacksonville NC Photographer, Jacksonville kids photography, Jacksonville family photographyThe fun was not in short supply, I love it! Plus this kid has some awesome dance moves!Jacksonville NC Photographer, Jacksonville kids photography, Jacksonville family photographyJacksonville NC Photographer, Jacksonville kids photography, Jacksonville family photographySee all the joy that overflows from them!Jacksonville NC Photographer, Jacksonville kids photography, Jacksonville family photography Jacksonville NC Photographer, Jacksonville kids photography, Jacksonville family photographyJacksonville NC Photographer, Jacksonville kids photography, Jacksonville family photographyThank you so much for allowing me to capture your amazingly beautiful life! You were truly a joy to work with!