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I bring a fun, natural look, capturing genuine expressions that are uniquely you!


Drinker of coffee and tea. Car Singer. Wife of a Marine. dog mom. enjoy a little reading. movie watcher. baker and cook. favorite season is Fall. I think kiddos are too cute and entertaining. have a pretty sweet collection of old cameras. like to travel, even though I have a tendency to get motion sickness.  College Graduate as of 2011. Full-time Photographer as of 2013. big heart. tough love. sense of humor, I like to give people a hard time. Family is important to me. Thinker. Problem Solver.

Here is my heart towards photography! 

I love people and I enjoy getting to capture true emotion and expression in all my sessions. I am a very family oriented person and can honestly say that if it weren’t for my family, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Growing up we didn’t get yearly family pictures or take many family pictures at all, so I cherish the few pictures I have of me and my parents together. Don’t get me wrong, my parents took pictures at all the important events, but we just didn’t get many full family photos. I think that not only the events that happen in our lives are important but that Family, the who we are and where we come from, is also important. I believe that our value not only come from the Lord, but from the family that encourages and loves us, even when we aren’t very lovable, or at least I know I’m not all the time.

It’s a gift to get together and take family images in a relaxing natural environment, where you can be yourself and be comfortable in your skin. That is my wish and goal when we plan your Family session. I want you to be you! I strive to let you be yourself and interact with your loved ones in a way that displays your love and joy in every image!
I capture unique images with genuine expression and passion. Styled in shooting on location to create a more exclusive image that satisfies the desire of my clients, I am dedicated to making each shot display the affection that no word can express. With client satisfaction the heart of my business, I provide a warm hearted and energetic approach that has clients returning for their next photographic experience!

Where it started

My love of photography was developed in middle school carrying a camera with me wherever I went.  It was love at first sight literally, with everything from flowers and sunsets to people. The love of capturing beauty captivated me and put me on the path to the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg where I studied Photography and minored in Graphics. There were many influences throughout my college years, many teachers who helped to develop fundamentals and give me guidance, and well as some outside mentors such as Laura Kackley who helped to cultivate my love for weddings, and Melissa Ellis in the present time. I am beyond thankful for all that these many influencers have done and helped to develop in my photography. I am interested in finding the beauty that lies within everyone I photograph, creating images that are filled with genuine expression and captivate just how beautiful you are.  I believe that God has designed each of us and I know that he loves us just as we are, which is why Christ Died for us.  I know that it is only through his grace that I have made it this far and I owe him my life!


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“Hannah has taken all of our professional photos for our family. We were sad to see her leave Kansas City. Hannah did well putting you at ease and working with you to get the pictures you were envisioning. She was very patient working with my very active little boys that just can’t stop moving 🙂 I … Continue reading Amber


“Hannah is amazing in her craft! She is one of the most talented photographers I have ever met and I was heartbroken when she moved away from Kansas City because my husband and I knew she would be extremely hard to replace. We have three kids and capturing them in their moment or when they … Continue reading Lisa

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