About the Name aPear

I get asked a lot where the name for my business came from, and it’s a short, not so funny story.

During college my girlfriends and I went to a photography conference at Tan-tara Resort. We were looking through one of the cute shops they have there and discussing things that could be a play on words for a business name. So I saw this glass pear, which I should have bought that day, and said a Pear, could be couples photography… After returning from our trip, I had a project to design a t-shirt for a class, as well as making letterhead and such for my business photography class. My business name then was “Goldenheart Photography.” All the designs I was coming up with were too childish, I felt, hearts on everything. I wanted to be looked at as a unique business and for some reason I just couldn’t get the design I was looking for. Then I remembered my fun play on words with a Pear, and ran with it. I design my logo, and that’s that.

Now since designing it with couples in mind, I realized that it goes much deeper than that for me. My desire is to build a business that specializes in Families, and Kids, with the heart being, it all starts with a pair, or in this case aPear!

Two people fall in love, and it’s beautiful. They get married and embark on a new journey together, amazing. Then this thing called a family begins to form, they get dogs, have kids, grow old together, and I think every part of this adventure called love is just amazingly beautiful!

I want to capture your amazingly beautiful life in a way that is fun, real, and uniquely you!

“Hannah is amazing in her craft! She is one of the most talented photographers I have ever met and I was heartbroken when she moved away from Kansas City because my husband and I knew she would be extremely hard to replace. We have three kids and capturing them in their moment or when they … Continue reading Lisa


I would love for you to see more of my work, as well as connect with me through facebook and Instagram!

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