About the Name aPear

I get asked a lot where the name for my business came from, and it’s a short, not so funny story.

During college my girlfriends and I went to a photography conference at Tan-tara Resort. We were looking through one of the cute shops they have there and discussing things that could be a play on words for a business name. So I saw this glass pear, which I should have bought that day, and said a Pear, could be couples photography… After returning from our trip, I had a project to design a t-shirt for a class, as well as making letterhead and such for my business photography class. My business name then was “Goldenheart Photography.” All the designs I was coming up with were too childish, I felt, hearts on everything. I wanted to be looked at as a unique business and for some reason I just couldn’t get the design I was looking for. Then I remembered my fun play on words with a Pear, and ran with it. I design my logo, and that’s that.

Now since designing it with couples in mind, I realized that it goes much deeper than that for me. My desire is to build a business that specializes in Families, and Kids, with the heart being, it all starts with a pair, or in this case aPear!

Two people fall in love, and it’s beautiful. They get married and embark on a new journey together, amazing. Then this thing called a family begins to form, they get dogs, have kids, grow old together, and I think every part of this adventure called love is just amazingly beautiful!

I want to capture your amazingly beautiful life in a way that is fun, real, and uniquely you!

“Hannah has taken all of our professional photos for our family. We were sad to see her leave Kansas City. Hannah did well putting you at ease and working with you to get the pictures you were envisioning. She was very patient working with my very active little boys that just can’t stop moving 🙂 I … Continue reading Amber


I would love for you to see more of my work, as well as connect with me through facebookGoogle+ twitter, and Instagram!

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