My Love is home + Fall Adventures

I realized in all the excitement of getting my hubby back, I almost forgot to tell you about it! If you’ve been following my personal journey (if not you can catch up by reading this post there’s nothing good about goodbye) then you know my hubby has been deployed most of this year. Well he’s back home now, and we’ve been making up for lost time. I love that even though it’s been 7 months, we just pick up where we left off like nothings changed. It probably helps that we emailed each other a lot during our time apart, and didn’t let distance make us distant with each other. This lifestyle is definitely not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure. Here are a few pics my sweet friend captured for us at the Homecoming! DSC_0477-2DSC_0487-2It has been wonderful having my hubby home and getting back to normal life. We also got to take a trip to Asheville, NC to visit the Biltmore Estate! As you can see we took a selfie, and it made me think maybe I should drag my tripod around with me to get some us at places pictures of all our adventures aside from just cell phone shots… HMB_6109This beautiful place has so many acres and so much of it has been kept natural. The Owner who had it built hired a landscape architect that did a fantastic job working with the natural landscape! Here are some highlights from our visit.HMB_6100HMB_6112HMB_6114I would love an indoor garden room like this, skylight and all! ❤HMB_6119HMB_6121HMB_6122HMB_6127HMB_6128HMB_6129This is the view from their huge balcony. I wouldn’t mind enjoying my morning coffee with this view!HMB_6130HMB_6133HMB_6136HMB_6139HMB_6141HMB_6143They have their own personal bowling alley, so no need to venture out for extra fun!HMB_6144HMB_6145The garden area outside the house, is simply beautiful. I can’t imagine how pretty it must be in spring! HMB_6147HMB_6150HMB_6154HMB_6155This atrium is beautiful inside and out. The architecture of this estate is just so beautiful!HMB_6158HMB_6168HMB_6170

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