Family Vacation | Cape Lookout Lighthouse

A few weeks ago my family came in for vacation. We rented a Beach House and enjoyed some lazy days by the ocean, as well as a trip to Cape Lookout Lighthouse. The last time I visited this lighthouse it was fall 2015, right after we moved here to North Carolina. So It was great being here again and I captured some new images! We actually saw horses on Shackleford Island.HMB_3399HMB_3423I love all the different views I was able to capture of the lighthouse!HMB_3430I am always amazed at the natural landscape of this state, with all it’s trees, tall grass and sand all within a few steps of each other, and not a palm tree in sight. I think that is what most astounded me when we moved here. We had just been living in California, where the beach meant sand and a palm tree or two somewhere in sight. Then we moved here to another coastal state with beaches, but no palm trees, and these things called sand dunes. I guess it was just that growing up in the Midwest, I imagined the beach to look like ocean, sand and palm trees. However the more I see of the world, I realize that my mental pictures have needed some adjusting and, you know, I really don’t mind repainting my mental canvas. HMB_3441HMB_3442HMB_3460HMB_3443HMB_3462HMB_3475HMB_3482HMB_3494As I was clicking away, I managed to capture this bird flying through. HMB_3499HMB_3502HMB_3507

I hope you enjoyed this little taste of North Carolina. I have plans to visit several more lighthouses before our time here is over, and I can’t wait to capture some more images to share with you! 

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~ Hannah

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