Fletcher Family | Luxury Mini Session | Beirut Memorial | Jacksonville NC Family Photography

I had the honor of taking pictures for the Fletcher Family in November, they were so much fun. The weather was beautiful and the Beirut Memorial as all set in fall color! Plus that natural light, and just look at them…such a beautiful family!

hmb_4889hmb_4905Riley and Oden were such a joy to work with! They were so much fun and have such great smiles! hmb_4912hmb_4930hmb_4961All the love and joy in these images makes my heart happy and brings a smile to my face!hmb_4976hmb_4989These kiddos love their parents so much and they have some great ones! Love how evident that is! ❤hmb_4998Moments like this are what I love to capture for the families I serve, because these are the things you don’t wanna forget. One day those boys will be older, tickles probably won’t bring such joy and contagious laughter as they did that day, but you will always be able to look back at this image and remember how much fun they were when then. Don’t get me wrong seeing your kids grow up and change is amazing (I’m sure), but I think it’s awesome to be able to look back through images and remember, cause not only the joy of youth is captured in this image, but also the evidence of what a great parent you are!hmb_5009hmb_5117A sibling is a life long friend and these two are gonna have so many more amazing memories together in their lifetime. So honored to capture some moments of their youth! hmb_5168hmb_5221hmb_5241Love! As parents you have a lot of responsibility, you take care of your kids, work, clean, but the most important thing you do (in my opinion) is teach your kids how to love by the way you love each other! That’s why images like this melt my heart!! ❤️Parents who are still so very in love with each other and let it show!! You are teaching them what a relationship looks like, and let me tell you just from the time I spent with Abby and Jarod, those boys are seeing such a beautiful example of love!! Thank you for letting me into your world to capture the beauty of your love and your amazing family!!!hmb_5262This is one of my favorite new products!! There are so many ways to display your Wood Print: sit it on a desk, prop on a book-case, or hang on the wall!! The best part is that your family memory is preserved in print!!! #apearproducts #apearphotographyapear photography, family photography, jacksonville family photography

Thank you for allowing me to capture your active growing family, it is truly an honor!!

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