Imperfect Progress & Finding myself again

I feel like every year I tell myself, “I’m gonna be better at blogging personal posts.” I start out doing alright and then I start feeling like I don’t have anything important to say. That no one will really wanna read about my life.  I guess the truth is, I have some negative self talk going on in my head.  But I decided it’s been 5 months since my last personal post, and I should give you an update on what’s been happening!

As you’ve seen I have had several photo sessions, I only have three more to blog and I’ll be all caught up on that! Aside from that, I have been working on my self-care, spending time with friends, watching some cute kiddos, working my It works biz, and just enjoyed family vacation with my parents at the beach!

Self- Care: I started doing Yoga in February and haven’t stopped since! It’s been such a great workout cause all my muscles are getting worked and I’ve gained lots of tone in my arms and legs!! I share my yoga in time-lapse videos on my personal IG account if you wanna good laugh!

Since the hubby is still deployed, I’ve been spending some extra time with friends and having a blast exploring NC with them! We’ve had beach dates, coffee dates, trips for ice cream, trips to wander around target, and so many more fun adventures together! God knew just where I needed to be during this season of life! I’m so thankful for all the amazing friendships I have thanks to this Military life!

A year ago I started using and distributing the It Works products! It has been a great way to work from home along side my photography business to provide a little spending money. I have been loving the plant based shake, chocolate flavor for breakfast! It has helped me build lean muscles while doing my yoga practice and keeps me full till lunch time! This business has put me in touch with some amazing people around the world who have become friends! I have also gained a lot of my confidence back since becoming part of this business!

I don’t know if it happened to anyone else when they got married, but I was so focused on being a great wife and trying to meet all my husbands needs (like a good wife should, I feel), that I kinda lost myself. I was still me, of course, but I forgot some of who I was. I think that also comes with the changing of season in life I was going through as well. We got married, and two months later, I left my old life and moved to California to be with my husband. It’s a little easy to get lost in the process. That season was definitely preparing me for this one though. I got into the word of God and read in Ephesians about being content in all things. I found and wrote down verses of encouragement. All of which have really come in handy these past months while my husband has been deployed. It’s funny how finding yourself again can take 2.5 years to do sometimes. It’s a process, cause I wasn’t trying to find the old me really, I was trying to find the me I’m suppose to be now.

It’s been a wonderful journey and I am so thankful that God always walks with us though it! Sometimes we just need to get out of the shell we’ve created to keep us safe and remember it’s ok to fall. In the words of Superchick (my fav band in middle school),”to fall is not to fail, you fail when you don’t try.”

Thanks for reading!

~ Hannah

Enjoy these images of my #healthyhappyconfidentadventures this year, and search the hashtag on IG and FB to see all the fun I’ve been up to!


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