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“There’s Brooklyn bridge, London bridge
And the bridge of San Louis Rey
But the only bridge, that’s a real gone bridge
Is the bridge across the bay to San Francisco”

Found this song when googling San Francisco trying to thinks of a catchy title. But as you can see I just left it plain and simple. If you click the lyrics above you can watch Judy Garland Preform the song. I must have a old soul, cause watching it totally warmed my heart!  You can read more of the lyrics here:Judy Garland – San Francisco Lyrics | MetroLyrics

I posted earlier this week about How To Take Great Cell Phone Pictures, so I’m sharing some of my own!

Today I want to share our trip to San Francisco, we took last fourth of July weekend. All of the images in this post were taken with my iPhone 5. Below is the Fort Point and the Golden Gate Bridge.IMG_5151 We had such a great time, the weather was nice and we got to see all sorts of awesome stuff! We made the tv homes stops with the house of Full House and the Mrs. Doubtfire House.

IMG_5091IMG_5092We went down to the pier, where we got a distant view of Alcatraz, and ate a nice meal.IMG_5111IMG_5105Stopped at a Starbucks so I could get a San Francisco – You Are Here Collection cup, not pictured, and saw this sweet vintage dodge! Look at the sweet emblem text! IMG_5124IMG_5125Drove over to the Golden Gate Bridge and Fort Point, to get our history fix! We are totally those people, the ones who travel places and go see the historical sites! History is awesome, and it’s so fun to learn about another time in history and read about how different things were then. IMG_5140Of course we had to take a selfie with the Golden Gate Bridge!IMG_5143IMG_5160IMG_5166We got to drive across the bridge to the other side and explore Hawk Hill. IMG_5168The Image below is the view from Hawk Hill, it was pretty cloudy. IMG_5175IMG_5179We got to see the seals on Pier 39 and explore Fishermans Wharf.IMG_5182We didn’t realize how far in advance we should have looked to book a tour of Alcatraz. It was booked up three months in advance! So we did the next best thing and took a boat tour of the harbor and around Alcatraz.IMG_5183IMG_5190IMG_5195


As you have seen, you can take all kinds of awesome images from your phone camera! So go out there and capture your world!

Thanks for stopping by! Join me next week as I talk about editing your cell phone pictures!


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  1. Amazing pictures Hannah!


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