Oh October….

Hey Everyone,

So far this month has been extremely wet, with flooding and heavy rain. Not exactly the way I wanted my fall season to start, but when a hurricane decides it’s coming up the east coast, what can you do.  Thankfully the weather folks are saying it will stay out at sea, instead of coming inland. Jacksonville hasn’t been too bad, but Swansboro to our east has had a good bit of heavy flooding. My heart is with you guys there and I hope you are staying as safe as possible.

My vision of fall in North Carolina was something like this: cool, crisp weather, a bit of sun, and some beautiful fall colors.  It’s not looking like is gonna happen this week, but I’m hopeful that by mid month it will shift that direction!

Fall Mini Sessions are still happening once the weather clears up.

Feel free to look around and view some of my work.

Contact me if you would like on the schedule for Fall Minis.


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