Bender Family | Swansboro | Lifestyle Family Photography

When two people fall in love, they take that love and create a family! A families are all different and all just as special, no matter what that family looks like: fur babies, human babies, angle babies, adopted babies, inherited (Step) babies. Every family is unique, just like every person is unique. What makes your family different makes them special, and that is part of why I love family photography!

These two are such a sweet couple, they have two cute doggies, and now their family is growing!  We went to their “stomping ground” down in Swansboro, NC for this session. These two can often be found enjoying this cute downtown area evenings and weekends! Which makes these images even more special, cause not only have I captured an exciting milestone, but also a place that they cherish! These are important things for any family but especially military families, since we often get sent out and experience so much of the world. HMB_9520HMB_9451HMB_9515HMB_9533These two have the most infectious love, filled with laughter, sweet looks, and lots of smiles! HMB_9581HMB_9604HMB_9613So many of my smiles begin with you – and isn’t that how love should be!! ⠀HMB_9634These are the moments I live to capture as a photographer! It is such an honor when I’m let into the real life you share with your loved ones! ⠀

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