McCulley Family | Beirut Memorial | Jacksonville NC Family Photography

I had the honor of Photographing the McCulley Family over the Holiday Season and they were a fantastic bunch to work with! I got to put into practice my large group photo skills cause there were a lot of them! Talk about some of the nicest people in the world, I seriously think most of them end up in front of my camera, and this family definitely falls in that category!! hmb_44414 Generations are pictures here and aren’t they just beautiful!
hmb_4341The guys don’t look too bad either, all 3 generations of them! They were such good sports about getting their picture taken. hmb_4352
This is my sweet friend Stephanie and her beautiful family! I am so honored that she’s part of my military family. Her girls are the sweetest things, and look at how cute they are! hmb_4371
This is Jason and Kara and their family! They had a sick little but he powered through like a champ for most of the pictures! These two make 5 kiddos look like a breeze. hmb_4503Clint and Cindy are the luck grandparents to all these adorable kiddos. I can’t say it enough these are some of the sweetest people in the world right here! hmb_4478This is a special moment right here, a great grandma and all her great grand-babies, or at least all of them on this side of her family! hmb_4427By the end the older kids were the only ones interested in playing in the leaves and letting me take pictures! Cousins having fun together, all the laugher is like sweet music! hmb_4532
Holidays are for bringing family together and showing how much love you have for one another and these images will always take them back to that day, and all the love and joy they got to share!
Thank you McCulley Family for allowing me to capture these moments for you!
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1 thought on “McCulley Family | Beirut Memorial | Jacksonville NC Family Photography

  1. Sooo cute! Great job.


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