Pinterest & Cooking

I have always enjoyed to bake and cook since I was young. However since being married, I really love cooking and testing out new recipes! I have several cookbooks and have bookmarked my favorite recipes so far: mini meatloaves, stuffed peppers, baked chicken with brussels sprouts and carrots, and cheesy chicken rices bake. I have also found that Pinterest is an oasis of recipes, whatever your heart might desire, or in my case yesterday a place to search for recipes that contain items I currently had on-hand. My search of potatoes and hamburger turned up a whole bunch of yummy looking food, but this Poor Man’s stew just caught my eye, probably because it feels like fall out now!Jacksonville NC Photographer, Jacksonville kids photography, Jacksonville family photographyIt also was a plus that it contained items I had on-hand, except the tomato paste. I substituted a can of petite diced tomatoes that I blended up to be a little more paste-like and added a little less water than the recipe called for. It turned out delicious and I got the husband seal of approval to make it again! I have so many more Pinterest recipes that I need to make off my food board,  but last week I made the zucchini pizza bites (I pinned on my gluten free board) and they are yummy too!

I’d love to hear what your favorite recipes are, or something new you’ve tried that should be shared, so leave a comment below!

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