The Grissom Family

A couple weekends ago, I had the privilege to take pictures of my friend Maria and her cute family! Everything was just right that evening for their session and it went perfectly.

Family PhotographyFamily PhotographyMaria and Zach are so sweet together. These high school sweethearts have been together for 3 years and married for 6 months. I am so honored that they opened up to me and let me capture their love for each other.Family PhotographyThey recently moved to California and adopted their dog Trumpy.  He is 9 years old and has such a unique personality. He is a funny little guy, and he did such a great job during the session.  In the above image he was having a moment of discontent and was speaking his mind but straighten right up when Maria talked to him. Too Cute!Family PhotographyThese two have such a sweet love and respect for one another!Family PhotographyFamily PhotographyTrumpy really enjoyed the beach. He caught a burst of energy and was super playful.Family PhotographyTrumpy felt right at home on the beach it was adorable!

Family PhotographyFamily PhotographyTrumpy was a great little explorer and was enjoying rock climbing to our picture spot.Family PhotographyFamily PhotographyFamily PhotographyFamily PhotographyI can’t get enough of how relaxed and at home this little family is at the beach together. Family PhotographyFamily PhotographyFamily PhotographyThank you for letting me into your world to capture your true selves! I know this year will hold many great things for you both and that the years to come will be filled with joy and adventure!

Thank you for making my time in California a friend filled one!

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