Celebrate Mini Session| White Family|Independence Square|Kansas City Family Photography

Last Thursday, I got to meet the White Family, and they were such a joy to work with. Nicole, Kevin, and baby Abigail are a very adorable family and have so much love for each other!

Abigail is 8 months and cute as a button! Just look at that face! She is very expressive and was interested in all the noises happening around her. HMH_7270Nicole and Kevin have a strong love for each other, filled with joy and laugher, that was very evident the entire session. HMH_5HMH_7297

Abigail wasn’t impressed with standing but her irritated face is just so cute! She was content the whole session and that’s the only really upset face she made.HMH_4HMH_7233Nicole and Kevin are such loving parents.HMH_7509HMH_2HMH_7212The joy was contagious with these two. It is so sweet to see how in love they are with each other. They have the best smiles too, so genuine! HMH_7420HMH_1HMH_7561Abigail was just making all sorts of faces for me during the session.HMH_3HMH_7629I am so blessed that I got to capture these loving and fun family moment for the White Family!

If you are interested in a Session, please call, email, or fill out the contact for below.

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