David 1 Year Session| Kansas City Kids Photography

I had such a great time with little David during his 1 Year session last Tuesday evening. The weather was good and the rain held out till the last few images of the session, so that was a blessing!Kansas City Kids PhotographyHe is so expressive and I think is sad face is just so cute! I have captured his sad face at least once every session we’ve had together. Kansas City Kids PhotographyHe’s getting so big, he’s started walking on his own now, has several teeth, and has some curl to his blonde hair. I am so happy to have captured all his new characteristics. Kansas City Kids PhotographyDavid has the cutest smile, he was pretty happy for all but the first few pictures of the session. I don’t mind though, I enjoy capturing all their personality, and we all know little ones aren’t always happy. Kansas City Kids PhotographyHMH_74827384See those curls! He kept holding out his pointer finger, which is a total plus since he did turn one that week. Kansas City Kids PhotographyI am definitely a kid person, cause I just think his hands and feet are so cute! Kansas City Kids PhotographyHe was even showing off his clapping skills!HMH_74637441Kansas City Kids PhotographySee all those teeth he has! Kansas City Kids PhotographyHe was really enjoying getting to wander around and explore during the session. Kansas City Kids PhotographyDavid has a shocked face, my explanation is that some random lady came out of Clinton’s soda shop and starting talking to us all like we weren’t right in the middle of a photo session. My caption for him would be, “Excuse me, did you not see I’m getting my picture taken.”Kansas City Kids PhotographyHis blue eyes and blonde hair are adorable, he’s gonna be a little ladies man I think.Kansas City Kids PhotographyKansas City Kids PhotographyWe went to the park to end the session.Kansas City Kids PhotographyHe played on the playground for the first time, and I would say he really enjoyed it!Kansas City Kids PhotographyKansas City Kids PhotographyDavid even attempted to go down the slide, but this is about as far as he wanted to go.Kansas City Kids PhotographyHe did really good walking across the bridge!

They even had a special announcement that I got to capture! Kansas City Kids PhotographyThis Little superhero is going to be a big brother! Kansas City Kids PhotographyI know that David is going to be a great big brother! I am so excited for Amber and Matt to be growing their family! Not to mention how excited I am to find out what gender the baby is…Hopefully I get to document that fun news too!

Your Kids are important, and capturing them at each stage of life is a wonderful way to say that. I would love to photography your little one. If you are interested in my session please Contact me!

Schedule your session today!

816-804-0501  |   hannah.hendricks@yahoo.com  |  apearphotography.com



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