Here is my Heart towards Photography!

My desire is to build a business that specializes in Families, Couples and Weddings, with the heart being, it all starts with a pair, or in this case aPear!

Two people fall in love, and it’s beautiful. They get married and embark on a new journey together, amazing. Then this thing called a family begins to form, they get dogs, have kids, grow old together, and I think every part of this adventure called love is just amazingly beautiful!

I want to capture your amazingly beautiful life in a way that is fun, real, and uniquely you!

A Deeper Look in my Heart!

I love people and I enjoy getting to capture true emotion and expression in all my sessions. I am a very family oriented person and can honestly say that if it weren’t for my family, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Growing up we didn’t get yearly family pictures or take many family pictures at all, so I cherish the few pictures I have of me and my parents together. Don’t get me wrong, my parents took pictures at all the important events, but we just didn’t get many full family photos. I think that not only the events that happen in our lives are important but that Family, the who we are and where we come from, is also important. I believe that our value not only come from the Lord, but from the family that encourages and loves us, even we aren’t very lovable, or at least I know I’m not all the time.
It’s a gift to get together and take family images in a relaxing natural environment, where you can be yourself and be comfortable in your skin. That is my wish and goal when I plan your Family session. I want you to be you! I strive to let you be yourself and interact with your loved ones in a way that displays your love and joy in every image!
I capture unique images with genuine expression and passion. Styled in shooting on location to create a more exclusive image that satisfies the desire of my clients, I am dedicated to making each shot display the affection that no word can express. With client satisfaction the heart of my business, I serve the Johnson and Jackson County areas with a warm hearted and energetic approach that has clients returning for their next photographic experience!

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