A little more about me!

I thought you guys might like to know a little more about me.


am in my twenties, and seeing where this photography business takes me!

have a wonderful boyfriend, who serves in the marines, is super supportive, and always encourages me in my dreams and on my rough days

enjoy baking, by myself or with friends. (cupcakes are a weakness of mine)

graduated from the University of Central Missouri with a Bachelors of Science: Photography, loved every minute of it, minus being a little homesick my freshman year, but who doesn’t feel a little home sick during the first year of college…

miss my college friends, they just live so far away, but they are awesome and we stay in touch!

like watching movies, some of my favs: Leap Year, Up, The Lucky One, Man of Steel, Batman The Dark Knight, just to name a few

reading, I don’t do this as much as I should….

am sarcastic and enjoy giving people a hard time (it’s all in love, when I do!)

enjoy spending time with my friends and family

attend Courageous Life Church, so many awesome people here i get to connect with

believe that there is beauty in all things

desire to capture and make people feel beautiful with natural settings and light

went to Japan the summer of 2010 and it was so neat, got to experience some culture 🙂

enjoy eating ethnically diverse food, such as Indian food, Greek food, Mexican food

try to be the best that I can be

hope that I make an impact on the lives of others

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