New Year…New Adventures…Graduation!

2011 has started out as a great new experience. I have some amazing friends and have made some new ones as well.  I have been striving to spend more time seeking God. One more semester at college is all I have left! I can’t wait to be done. I am taking Portfolio photography where I will be putting together a professional portfolio, which I am really excited about. Also we will be specifying our vision and direction for our photographic career which is rather exciting as well. I have a marketing class which has been great so far, my teacher’s lectures are built into conversation/group discussion which is much easier to comprehend, at least for me. Screen Printing is another class I am in, where  we will be making bumper stickers, and other such products through design in Illustrator. I have two online classes, one is a graphics class, and the other is individual and family relationships. So far I much more enjoy the individual and family relationships class, but both seem to be good courses.

I can not wait to graduate in May! Then off into the real world of  working everyday and paying bills, but I am looking forward to the new chapter I will be writing for my life! I know that there are great this in store, and I cannot wait to see where life takes me!

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