Cake Smash Session | Austin Turns One | Kansas City Kids Photography

Little Austin turned One last week! She is just getting so big, and developing such a great personality!

We took a few snaps before she dug into the cake, cause you know you have to take the pictures when they’re in the mood! Kansas City Kids PhotographyI can’t believe how much she has changed since the beginning of June when we had our last session together. Her smile and laugh are just so precious!Kansas City Kids PhotographyShe still has her cute serious smirk look that I just adore!Kansas City Kids PhotographyShe was just the perfect little model, posing naturally!Kansas City Kids PhotographyHere is, what you’ve been waiting for, cake smash time!

Sami and Mark did a great job on Austin’s cake! They were putting the icing on when I came over and they have real talent! Sami’s mom made the banner and it looks so great! I put together some background options and it all came together perfectly!

She was a little timid at first but by the end, well you’ll see!Kansas City Kids PhotographyKansas City Kids PhotographyShe was having a blast painting the floor with the icing! She’s a little abstract artist! She made the cutest expression when she tasted the first piece, not quite sure what she thought.Kansas City Kids PhotographyShe had a lot more fun playing with the icing than anything, but can you blame her, icing is pretty much sugary paint……hahaha. Kansas City Kids PhotographyKansas City Kids PhotographyKansas City Kids Photography Kansas City Kids PhotographySee what I mean, she was pretty into that icing painting, it was all over her cute little legs! Kansas City Kids Photography


I just love kids and am so blessed that I get to photograph such special moments in so many of my little clients life!

If you are looking for a photographer to capture your special family moments, and you live around Kansas City, I would love to become your photographer!

Life is beautiful, don’t miss out on capturing it!

Celebrate Mini Session| White Family|Independence Square|Kansas City Family Photography

Last Thursday, I got to meet the White Family, and they were such a joy to work with. Nicole, Kevin, and baby Abigail are a very adorable family and have so much love for each other!

Abigail is 8 months and cute as a button! Just look at that face! She is very expressive and was interested in all the noises happening around her. HMH_7270Nicole and Kevin have a strong love for each other, filled with joy and laugher, that was very evident the entire session. HMH_5HMH_7297

Abigail wasn’t impressed with standing but her irritated face is just so cute! She was content the whole session and that’s the only really upset face she made.HMH_4HMH_7233Nicole and Kevin are such loving parents.HMH_7509HMH_2HMH_7212The joy was contagious with these two. It is so sweet to see how in love they are with each other. They have the best smiles too, so genuine! HMH_7420HMH_1HMH_7561Abigail was just making all sorts of faces for me during the session.HMH_3HMH_7629I am so blessed that I got to capture these loving and fun family moment for the White Family!

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Hannah Hendricks|Personal Diet| Gluten Free

Hello all you love people who read my posts!

I am making a change, a change to my eating habits!

I have seasonal allergies that get really bad in the spring and fall, like sinus colds and congestion, all that fun stuff. So had read a post on my chiropractor’s fb page APTOS Chiropractic, about foods to eliminate to help with allergies like wheat, peanuts, and milk, just to name a few.  So I did some personal research, since all this talk about Gluten and healthy eating has become so prominent.I found some info that I am going to test in my own diet.

According to “” sugar, dairy, and wheat are large contributors to sever sinus congestion, and I’m gonna be honest I like bread and I like sugar. I’m not too big on dairy as it is, so that won’t be a problem, well minus my love of ice cream…that is gonna be a little challenging. However they have so many alternative options out there, I am sure it won’t be long till I find several that I enjoy eating.

I am starting with gluten elimination, which means no wheat, barely, or rye, among other ingredients that are made with gluten.

I have found many helpful websites like that offer a lot a great background knowledge about gluten and diseases related to gluten. Of course, I have searched and found a whole lot of great recipes and tips from others who practice gluten-free eating. Some great blog posts concerning gluten-free and affordable eating, like has some great tips for transitioning into gluten-free eating.

Today I purchased a few different Gluten free products from Nature’s Pantry and am gonna be searching for the good stuff! Thing that taste good gluten-free. So far I have only eating a two products:

Pepperoni pizza by Udi’s Gluten Free= YUM, taste like thin crust pizza

Maple Bliss Cookies by Lucy’s = YUM, taste like tea cookies* and full of flavor (*for those of you who don’t know what a tea cookie is, it’s a drier cookie)

I must admit, it’s a little overwhelming when you think of all the products that have wheat, barely, rye, and other forms of gluten in them, but there are tons of products that are gluten-free or can be made gluten-free in your own home.

In my search the most common places to find gluten-free products are health stores such as Nature’s Pantry, which will have the most variety. Also Target has a pretty good selection in-store. My only though is I would rather pay a little more and everything be available than have to travel to 7 different stores to get things cheap, cause to me that’s not cheap at all, cause it means spending more on gas!

I have also been reading The Daniel Plan and started trying to eat more veggies, fruit, meat, and less junk. It’s a good book, I am enjoying reading it, even though I am a slower reader.

Thank you for reading, and I hope if you are looking to change your diet and get healthy for personal or medical reasons you know, You can do it! There are tons of resources out there so get to googling! Don’t be discouraged, there will be hard days, but there are lost of us out there doing the same thing!

Thanks again!

~ All the links are attached to anything I thought you might like to read for yourself!


Celebrate Mini Session| July 13th-31st| Kansas City Family Photography

July is almost here and what better way to celebrate than to capture some great moments with your family. Pictures take you back to a moment in time that has gone and won’t be back, so don’t let those moments go uncaptured.

I want to help you cherish your right now for a lifetime! Let me capture your everyday moments for you!

Kansas City Family Photography, July Celebrate, aPear Photography


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Sunday starting at 5pm


Independence Square

Burr Oak Woods Conservation Area

James A Reed Wildlife Area

*other locations available upon request, inquire when scheduling

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Gaines Family|Kansas City Family Photography|James A Reed Wildlife Area

This past Saturday session was a warm one at James A Reed Wildlife Area in Lee’s Summit, with the Gaines Family. Little Austin was a trooper throughout the entire thing! I had the honor of photographing Mark and Sami’s engagement and wedding a couple of years ago, and I was so happy when they contacted me for this session. I was also excited to meet their adorable baby girl Austin. Kansas City Family Photography, Kansas City Kids PhotographyKansas City Family Photography, Kansas City Kids PhotographyThey are just the cutest family! I am so excited to see them growing as a couple and as a family it’s my favorite part of being a photographer! Kansas City Family Photography, Kansas City Kids PhotographyLittle miss Austin has some beautiful eye lashes, and she made some pretty amazing expressions for me during the session. Kansas City Family Photography, Kansas City Kids PhotographyKansas City Family Photography, Kansas City Kids PhotographyShe was definitely a bundle of personality. She wasn’t sure how she felt about kisses, but was happy just sitting and seeing what she could see.Kansas City Family Photography, Kansas City Kids PhotographyThis is my favorite expression of the day. Not sure what it means, I like her scrunchy face.Kansas City Family Photography, Kansas City Kids PhotographyKansas City Family Photography, Kansas City Kids PhotographyIt wasn’t hard to catch the love and joy in their images during the session, it is so natural for them! I know that this family cherishes every moment they have together, and I feel so honored that they let me into those moments.Kansas City Family Photography, Kansas City Kids PhotographyMark and Sami are such fun people, and I am so glad that they have so much fun with their little one!Kansas City Family Photography, Kansas City Kids PhotographyThis tall wheat grass is just as tall as little Austin, if not a bit taller. I saw it during my spot scouting before our session and I knew we were gonna get some good stuff. Turned out exactly how I pictured. She just looks so perfect standing there! Kansas City Family Photography, Kansas City Kids PhotographyShe has such a serious, yet non-serious, expression sometimes and I totally love it! I find it so amazing how much personality kids have. Kansas City Family Photography, Kansas City Kids PhotographyShe was not sure if she wanted to stand, and it’s the only sad face I got the whole session. I’m not complaining by any means, but I do really love how cute kids sad faces are at this age. Kansas City Family Photography, Kansas City Kids PhotographyKansas City Family Photography, Kansas City Kids PhotographyShe is such a little explorer! She was totally in her element being sat to explore or in this case free to roam. Kansas City Family Photography, Kansas City Kids PhotographyI couldn’t believe how many teeth she has at ten months, 4 showing, and 2 working their way out.

I leave my sessions feeling completely blessed and honored that I get to be a part of such great families lives! I can’t wait to share in their next big moments with them and capture their new characteristics as they grow, as individuals and as a family.

I would love to capture your family’s beautiful life with my camera. If you are interested in a session or just want to find out more information please check out my site, and feel free to contact me using the form below.