Away We Go!

Hello Everyone,

It’s moving time again. My husband and I will be moving from California to North Carolina. This year has been full change for us as this will be our second move. The great news is that once in North Carolina I will be starting up my business again in full force!

So Hubert, Jacksonville, and Swansboro, North Carolina, get ready, cause this Photographer is moving to town!

I am looking forward to the new adventure and to get to know the lovely people of the area! If you are looking for family, kid, or senior photography, check out my work here on the blog.

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The Grissom Family

A couple weekends ago, I had the privilege to take pictures of my friend Maria and her cute family! Everything was just right that evening for their session and it went perfectly.

Family PhotographyFamily PhotographyMaria and Zach are so sweet together. These high school sweethearts have been together for 3 years and married for 6 months. I am so honored that they opened up to me and let me capture their love for each other.Family PhotographyThey recently moved to California and adopted their dog Trumpy.  He is 9 years old and has such a unique personality. He is a funny little guy, and he did such a great job during the session.  In the above image he was having a moment of discontent and was speaking his mind but straighten right up when Maria talked to him. Too Cute!Family PhotographyThese two have such a sweet love and respect for one another!Family PhotographyFamily PhotographyTrumpy really enjoyed the beach. He caught a burst of energy and was super playful.Family PhotographyTrumpy felt right at home on the beach it was adorable!

Family PhotographyFamily PhotographyTrumpy was a great little explorer and was enjoying rock climbing to our picture spot.Family PhotographyFamily PhotographyFamily PhotographyFamily PhotographyI can’t get enough of how relaxed and at home this little family is at the beach together. Family PhotographyFamily PhotographyFamily PhotographyThank you for letting me into your world to capture your true selves! I know this year will hold many great things for you both and that the years to come will be filled with joy and adventure!

Thank you for making my time in California a friend filled one!

The Dorton Boys | Hodge Park | 2015

I had a great time when I went back to Missouri to visit this past May. I even got to take some pictures of David and Tyler. These boys are just too cute!

Family Photography, Kids Photography

It has been an honor to capture little David as he has grown, and now to get to see him be a big brother is just a blessing.

Family Photography, Kids Photography

Family Photography, Kids Photography

He is such an active and fun little guy. He kept me busy and let his personality shine during our session.

Family Photography, Kids Photography

Baby Tyler is too cute! He was full of smiles.

Family Photography, Kids Photography

Family Photography, Kids Photography

I can’t believe David is already Two. He is full of adventure, he wanted to explore everything!

Family Photography, Kids PhotographyFamily Photography, Kids Photography

Tyler did a great job sitting and he was such a good listener. I just loved all his expressions!Family Photography, Kids Photography

These Dorton boys have some great facial expressions. I know it’s a little weird but I love the cute faces babies make when they cry. The first year or two little ones have such cute sad faces. I love when I get to capture their little selves, because they just grow too fast. Look at those baby toes!Family Photography, Kids Photography

Family Photography, Kids Photography

David is such a cutie.Family Photography, Kids PhotographyThe bond between brothers is such a sweet thing.

Family Photography, Kids Photography

I am excited to see these brothers grow together and hope to capture many more memories for them.

Every moment with family is precious, cherish them.

Family Photography, Kids Photography

Thank you for allowing me the honor of capturing this stage of your boys’ life. I am so blessed to do what I do.

The Good Life

Hey guys,

Things in my life have been exciting. I moved this past March to California to be with my husband and have been working at target out here. It’s been a busy few months, and I wish I would have posted more.

I have been busy being a wife, you know all the good stuff, cooking, cleaning, baking (a little),  taking care of my husband and our dog. Oh, and working. I am so thankful for this new chapter in my life.  My husband is such a wonderful encouragement to me. He keeps me sane when I am feeling the pressure of life, and makes me feel secure and loved when I’m sad. I couldn’t have asked for a more caring and supportive man.

I went back to Missouri to visit and celebrate in May.  My Friend Lindsey had a baby shower for her coming baby girl, I got to spend most of the first weekend home with her!  I also got to see my cousin Kati graduate from High School, I can’t believe it. She has grown into a beautiful and smart young woman, and I am so proud of her.

Speaking of Missouri, I miss it there. You don’t realize how truly different each state in our country is till you move there….for all the beauty that California holds, it is just missing the warmth of our families.  Both mine and my husband’s family live in Missouri, and we definitely miss them.  It really is true that you should treasure the small things, like the time you spend with family and loved ones, for one day you realize they were the most important things.

Life is about to get even more exciting as we get ready to move in the fall, for the second time this year, to North Carolina. People, this is more moving than I have done my entire life. My parents and I have lived in the same house since I turned one, and the only thing slightly close to a move I’ve done since then, was going to college at UCM in Warrensburg, MO.  So two moves cross-country in one year is craziness! We are however really excited for this move. Hoping and Praying it feels a little more like home there.

Once we get to North Carolina I will be starting up my business again in full force! I am really excited about this, so ready!

I have been missing all my Missouri clients and hope you are all doing well. I should be back around Christmas if anyone want a holiday session, I will keep you posted on specifics when it gets closer.

Thank you for all you support during all this change.  I really appreciate it!

Excited to be posting some pics next of my last session that I got to do while I was back in May.

So Much To Tell!

I know it’s been a bit since my last post, and all sorts of stuff has happened.

October 8th I got engaged to my wonderful man, Matt. Started wedding planning and figuring out a date, we decided on January 17th! I know it’s coming up pretty soon.

Within two weeks I had the Photographer, Florist, and venue booked!
Photography: Melissa Ellis Photography
Florist: Beco Flowers
Venue: Courageous Life Church (my home church!)

In November I picked up some seasonal work at Target, considering the slow season started for my photo business and it’s way too cold to be taking pictures outside with no snow. :)

Then in December I got the cupcakes locked down flavors and vendor, we are using Cupcakes A La Mode.

Just to let you know all the vendor I used have been wonderful to work with and I recommend them to anyone who is looking for wedding vendors! However, my photographer  is now doing graphic design, but I think she is taking a wedding or two still this year, you’ll have to contact her to see for sure: Twiggy Media.

Now with two weeks till Our Wedding, just putting the final touches on the planning!

Life is going to be completely different this year, which I am really excited about. Occasionally I feel a little nervous, but that’s normal for me when I start something new, it’s an excited nervous!

I will be getting married, and after the honeymoon, I will be packing up my stuff to be moving to California. This means lost of new adjustments. I am so excited and thankful that I have such a great man to go through all these changes with. He understands me, and I know that all these changes will be so much easier with him by my side.

I will be here for a month or two before I move and will be fulfilling all my previous obligations to my clients.

I am so thankful for all my clients! Thank you for all the memories you’ve allowed me to capture for you! Moving my life and my business will be crazy and new, and I thank you all for your support and love!

I won’t be gone forever, and I will be posting updates on my new adventures here, so I encourage you to share in my journey with me!